Everyday our lives are so busy with so many obligations. For example, those of us that are married, need time with our spouses to cultivate a relationship that will last. Then there are the needs of our children, the pets, the household chores, other relationships (family and friends), work, church activities, social functions, and school work, etc. How do we manage all these demands and still find the time to pray and read God's word so that our spiritual man can be fed and grow stronger. This is one of the questions that I always ask myself. I hope this blog will help make it easier to balance our busy lives so that we can make the time needed to be the person that God desires us to be. May I be a blessing to you.

The Sand Dollar Legend

The Sand Dollar Legend
Upon this odd-shaped seashell a legend grand is told, about the life of Jesus, that wondrous tale of old. At its center you will see, there seems to be a star, like the one that led the shepherds and wise men from afar. Around its surface are the marks of nails and thorns and spear, suffered by Christ upon the cross; the wounds show plainly here. But there is also an Easter lily, clear for us to see, the symbol of Christ's resurrection for all eternity.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hiding Behind Masks

At one time or another we have all worn masks to hid our true self from others. Some of us smile to hid the sadness and pain that lurks within us. While others are just afraid to be themselves, fearing rejection. In silence we wear the masks to cover up what is really going on in our lives.

Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote a poem entitled "We Wear the Mask" to express why he believed people of his race wore masks. He stated, "We wear the mask that grins and lies...with torn and bleeding hearts we smile" He clearly expressed why masks are worn, but no specifics are provided on how the mask can be removed. However, if you read closely, there is a clue in the poem that might help the reader to begin removing the mask, when Mr. Dunbar states, "O great Christ, our cries to thee from tortured souls arise."

Is Christ the answer to help us remove the masks that we wear? Yes, I believe that He is the only one that has the power to help us remove the masks. Only with His help can we begin to become the person that we were always meant to be. The scriptures encourage us to lay aside the old man and to step into His marvelous light because whom the Son has set free is free indeed. As we grow spiritually in Him, the masks we have worn begin to come off because in Him, we find the acceptance that we have longed for and the masks we wore are no longer necessary. Allow Christ to help you remove the mask and allow the real you to emerge.

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